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About ONLINEFILM project
The aim of the project and our partners is to create a legal distribution platform for the low-cost distribution and marketing of German and European films via the internet in Europe and the whole world.

We are starting with German and English language films. Once the platform is up, we will further develop the system and be able to offer films in other languages, too. There is at this point in time no portal in Germany, any other European country or any place in the world where films are described in more than one language and are available for download. We and our partners all over Europe will create, extend and advertise the platform to enable us to offer for download as many films as possible from as many countries as possible.

To begin with the films on offer will mainly be documentaries, but as the platform develops we are planning to widen the range to other genres.

We will almost exclusively be using free and open-source-software for the programming and the running of the portal, in order to keep the cost of the transactions and thus the cost of downloading a film as reasonable as possible.

For distribution of the film data we are going to use the well-tried peer-to-peer-software BitTorrent ( BitTorrent is proven to be excellent at sending large amounts of data quickly and inexpensively via the internet.

We do not primarily protect our films by using the so-called digital-rights-management-systems (DRM), as these are expensive and inefficient. Instead we aim for transparency and a fair process. The savings we make by using the most modern technologies and managing without carriage media and go-betweens we hand down to our customers.

We are planning to give our customers insight into our pricing structure and the distribution of earnings. They will see that apart from the structure which makes it possible to find and download the films in the first place, they only pay for the originators and producers whose work they are enjoying. Due to this transparency we are convinced that our prices will be accepted and paid for by our users. We call this principle "DIGITAL RIGHTS FAIR TRADE" (DRFT) and will communicate it on all levels, as it sets us apart from other suppliers and forms the basis of our system.

Supported by the

- MEDIA Plus Programme of the European Union
- Kulturellen Filmförderung (cultural film subsidy) Schleswig-Holstein,
- Hessische Filmförderung (Hessian film subsidy),
- MSH - Gesellschaft zur Förderung audiovisueller Werke (society for the subsidy of audiovisual work) in Schleswig-Holstein


The partner in Greece

Anemon Productions was founded in 2003, bringing together the expertise of five filmmakers and producers. Located in the centre of Athens, ANEMON produces documentaries and television programmes for Greece and the international market.

The company’s latest work includes co-productions with ARTE, ZDF, YLE, HISTORY TV, AVRO, ERT and the Greek Film Centre, film sales to BBC-2, SBS and ABC Australia, Fox Italy, SVT Sweden, VRT Belgium, Al Jazeera, YES DBS Israel, ETV Estonia, Tele-Quebec, Eurochannel USA, Schweizer Fernsehen, Documentary Channel New Zealand and collaborations with the EDUCATION & CULTURE and the MEDIA PLUS Programmes of the European Union, ESPN, the University of Cambridge, the Cyprus Ministry of Communication and the Greek Ministry of Culture.

In 2008, ANEMON became a member company of Discovery Campus e.V.